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Business Optimization

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” –Benjamin Franklin

No one can avoid taxes indefinitely. We all eventually have to pay, and in this regard, the president of the company is just the same as his employees and contractors. The difference is that the owner of a company has a greater ability than the man on the street to reduce his taxes. Business maximization reorganizes the collection and utilization of funds to maximize the tax efficiency of a company and its owner.

Which expenses can be transferred from the individual to the company, and vice-versa? Should the owner take a salary or draw dividends? How can the wealth of the company be charted and protected? What will happen when the principals of the company retire? How can taxes upon the sale of the company be avoided or minimized?

Our experts can help you with these questions and many others, which can significantly increase your net income. Everyone is an expert in his own field, and ours is money.