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Let’s Understand Life Insurance!

Gestion de patrimoine Wayakan Wealth Management

No! Life insurance is not the same as home or car insurance.

Yet, most of us will base our decision on price when shopping for life insurance. This logic works wonders when protecting your home or car, but not when it comes to people. To begin with, few actually know how to differentiate the three types of life insurance. Keep on reading!

4 Things Every Future Parent Should Know

Future Parent

It is the dawn of a new day, filled with happiness, challenges and lessons to be learned. I am sure you have read all about parenting and child psychology… But what about finance? Here are the 4 things every future parent should know: Keep on reading!

Purchasing your First House in 4 Easy Steps

Purchasing your first house is most certainly a major step in your life. Here’s how to make it easier in 4 steps: Keep on reading!

Dear Parents, What Do You Know About the RESP?

Do you have a RRSP? Great! TFSA as well? Even better! But how about the RESP? The Registered Education Savings Plan is often left aside by parents which unfortunately do not fully understand how it works. Keep on reading!

Using the RRSP: A Guide for All Ages

Meet the Registered Retirement Savings Plan. Many know about it, some use it, but very few actually know how to optimize it. Keep on reading!